Why Samsung Galaxy S21 Will Spell Trouble For The Likes Of Google And Apple

Though the 2020 smartphone launch calendar should be of little use at this point, a new report claims that Samsung could have other plans for it.

The Report

A story from MTN, a reputable Korean publication about supply chain sources, says that Samsung is speeding up production of the next Galaxy flagship by six weeks.

A closer release date is planned, as the report suggests that December 2020 is a viable option.

The reason behind that appears to be low sales of the S20 model and the company trying to “proactively respond to rapidly changing market conditions,” the story says.

SamMobile’s confidential sources back up the early release claims with January 2021 penciled down for the S21 launch. Regardless of the launch in December or January, Samsung’s flagship will be released earlier than expected.

For the moment, the status of that claim is uncertain, but there are reasons why it might be right. We’d like to see Samsung make some significant pricing changes to meet the new release date. That would undoubtedly be unusual in any other year, but this year is different. The fight for your hard-earned money is fierce, meaning that smartphone manufacturers will have to make drastic changes to convince you.

One very pertinent example is the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which shows just how serious Samsung is about the whole radical change thing. The smartphone came out of nowhere, and it’s surprisingly affordable considering its specifications.

The company also started all sorts of strategies to attract customers, including deals with Xbox! Those changes spell out a touch of desperation, but who can blame them? It was a challenging year, and the future remains uncertain.

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