Why should you visit Indiana?

America is full of great places to visit, whether that’s as part of a road trip or for a longer vacation. There are destinations that are perfect for families, others that suit couples and many more off the beaten track that are perfect for solo adventurers.

But while destinations like New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas often hog the headlines, this article will focus on a lesser-known vacation spot in America, and that is the Midwestern state of Indiana.

About Indiana

One of the USA’s more densely populated states, Indiana is home to over 6.7m people who are affectionately referred to as Hoosiers. The state, nicknamed the crossroads of America, borders Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east and Illinois to the west.

Its northerly location means temperatures can drop low, with averages below freezing in December and January. But there’s no shortage of sunshine in the warmer months, with temperatures rising to highs in the early-90s around June and July.

Indiana was admitted as the nation’s 19th state in 1816 and has since formed a major part of American culture, with the Indianapolis Colts NFL team in particular helping put the Hoosier state on the map since relocating to state capital Indianapolis in 1984.


But the Colts aren’t the only sporting distraction the state has to offer, as Indiana is also home to the world-famous Indy 500. For racing car enthusiasts, this annual event is a key point in the calendar and fans flock from all corners of the country to be a part of the action.

The NBA’s Indiana Pacers are also a well-recognized sporting brand, recording six Divisional title wins in the last 25 years. The team has also produced many legends of Basketball, including Reggie Miller, Alex English and George McGinnis among a total of six Hall of Famers.

Below the elite level, Indiana is also home to an array of professional sporting teams, including baseball, ice hockey, soccer and arena football clubs, making the state a true haven for sports enthusiasts, and that sporting obsession has recently headed online. It’s now possible to visit sites like Bonus Finder through which you can access services for betting on Indiana’s sports teams, knowing its safe. This is because restrictions on gambling in the state have begun to be lifted and so several online services have emerged.

Other distractions

If sports aren’t your thing then that’s no issue, as Indiana is a true hub of arts, entertainment and culture, including some of America’s most beautiful untouched, natural landmarks and destinations. Cataract Falls is a perfect example of the tranquility you can experience on your visit. The Falls drop a total of 86 feet and is the perfect end-point for a hiking trip. The best time to visit the Falls is between December and May.

For something a little more high-octane, there are plenty of extreme sports, as well as excellent bars and restaurants, both in the major cities and smaller settlements.

We hope this guide has helped illustrate why Indiana is a fantastic place to visit.

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