Why Some of Us Will Be Able to See After We Collided Sooner Than Expected

Fans everywhere are looking forward to hearing news about After We Collided. And we have been waiting for quite some time for that. We cannot wait to see Tessa and Hardin back to the screens.

We had a rough start with the new coronavirus outbreak putting…pretty much everything on hold. A lot of producers put their releases on hold or delayed them, or even shut them down. Some sent them directly to the streaming services. But we might be lucky. After We Collided might be released in cinemas soon. We have an official release date, but it might not be that official. Some countries will see the movie before others.

So when is the release date?

Greece, Italy, Russia, and Portugal will see it on the 2nd of September. Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia on the 3rd of September. Finland, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden on the 4th of September, Australia on the 10th of September, Romania on the 11th of September, Canada on the 25th of September, the United States on the 2nd of October, the Netherlands on the 8th of October., and Belgium on the 14th of October.

We’re still waiting for the release date in some countries

We are still waiting to find out about the release dates in other countries, such as UK, Argentina, the Baltics, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, France, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, Philippines, Peru, South Korea, and Turkey.

Because of the situation with the pandemic, the dates keep changing, so we’re still waiting for the official release date on some countries. Brazil tweeted that they are still working on the dates, but that it’s very challenging due to the situation with the coronavirus.










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