Wildflowers Are Again Blooming Thanks To The Coronavirus Lockdown

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the governments have imposed social distancing to stop the spreading of the virus in the community. Some of the countries worldwide are passing through a period of lockdown, where citizens are urged to stay at home at all costs. Even though this measure sounds worse than ever, the coronavirus crisis is also bringing good news to the evolution of the environment, including wildflowers that started blooming.

A plant charity has declared that in the upcoming periods, there is going to be a rise in the blooming of wildflowers. This recovery of wildlife is caused by the fact that society has stopped mowing verges these times. This comes as a relief since this critical matter has tried to stop for years the governments from cutting down the grass as often.

Wildflowers Are Again Blooming

In addition to their fight, they are willing to urge governments to start the maintenance of their properties only after the wild plants had a chance to seed. Recently, the charity has noticed a shift in the officials’ beliefs. However, there are still some of them who would prefer to have a tidy space, rather than preserving species from our wildlife.

The charity company, Plantlife, is stating that one of the first measures taken by the government was not taking care of the green spaces anymore. This owes to the fact that most of the employees in public areas are in home isolation. Additionally, the maintenance costs enormous amounts of money, and since the crisis that this virus has brought is costly, the governments are trying to save money from other budgets.

Therefore, Plantlife is requesting governments to delay the grass cutting until the end of August. This is the entire period since the wildflowers have already seeded until then, preserving the natural wildlife. They are confident in the benefits that this measure is going to bring, such as a phenomenal change in the air that we breathe.

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