Will the Universe Ever Cease to Exist? What a Famous Astrophysicist Says

If we try to apply our common sense to the odd laws that govern our physical reality, we would say that the Universe has to come to an end someday. Nothing lasts forever, not even those huge, glorious, and imposing stars that illuminate our night sky.

Science also says that the Universe must come to an end. As it has a beginning in the form of the Big Bang, it will also end. The dark energy that accelerates the expansion of our Cosmos is preventing all the matter from the observable Universe to collapse back into its own gravity. It would be a phenomenon that’s opposing the Big Bang. But science proposes several various scenarios when it comes to the ultimate fate of our Cosmos, and the astrophysicist Katie Mack is proud to present to us one of them.

We can bet on the ‘heat death’

Quanta Magazine spoke with Katie Mack, and she’s betting on the so-called ‘heat death’ of the Universe. This means that the Universe will keep expanding until every gravitationally bound system like galaxies and galaxy clusters become too departed from each other. Furthermore, Mack explains the terrifying scenario:

And as that carries on, eventually star formation halts, because there’s no new material being brought in. The stars you have burn out. A lot of things fall into black holes, then the black holes evaporate. Particles decay. And if you leave that alone long enough, eventually you get a universe where the only thing that’s left is a few strange particles and some radiation.

If you want to know even more about the ultimate fate of our Universe, you could just buy Katie Mack’s upcoming book called ‘The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking)’. She offers a detailed explanation there for how she sees the apparently impending cosmic armageddon.

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