Windows 10: We Found the Name of the New Update

Right now, we are all waiting for the Windows 10 2004 20H2 update to get here, on our PCs, of course, with new features and, probably, also bugs. In the meantime, leaks have found their places on the internet.

The next feature update for Windows 10 is known as 20H2; however, as we heard from Twitter user Tero Alhonen, the new version is referred to internally as “Manganese.”

He based his evidence on things found in the Windows 10 preview builds – in the build 19603, which was recently released.  It has bought with him the Linux file integration to the File Explorer app.

If you open the Powershell file and then list down all the available virtual machines, you will see a new internal name. In the Powershell window, use the command ‘Get-VMHostSupportedVersion.’

We have also heard that the official name of Windows 10 version 2004 will be ‘May 2020 Update.’ So contrary to what we have known so far, Microsoft may have pushed the rollout of the Windows 10 spring update to May.

It is worth mentioning that the internal name has been known since 2019, but it’s more visible now. We have heard that Microsoft began testing the 20H2 at the beginning of this year, but they did not mention 20H2 when they released the ring preview builds every week. So we do not really know if the features that come with these builds are actually meant for the next Windows update, or for some later ones.

Moreover, Microsoft has made it clear that they have their focus on the development of Windows 10X. They want to release any 10X-powered dual-screen device they have, including Surface Neo this year. So right now, we cannot do anything but wait and see.

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