World Premiere: Astronomers Will Sweep the Entire Sky for Alien Life Forms

Whether we are alone in the Universe or not, the truth is that both scenarios can be equally frightening. However, humanity has the duty to keep searching for alien life as much as it can. This has become the ultimate goal for space agencies like SpaceX and NASA, and hopefully, we will receive an irrefutable answer soon.

With trillions of galaxies out there and each of them having billions of stars, it’s practically impossible for our planet to be the only one hosting life. Not to mention that more and more scientists are seriously considering the idea that much more universes exist beyond our own. Therefore, a new project intends to solve the mystery once and for all.

28 giant radio telescopes will be searching for alien life forms

Seti Institute and the Very Large Array radio observatory in New Mexico will collaborate for the upcoming project, and they will be sweeping the whole visible sky for extraterrestrial life. This is a world premiere and an efficient way of looking for signs of intelligent life.

Tony Beasley, who runs the VLA and is director of The National Radio Astronomy Observatory, spoke about the importance of finding intelligent life elsewhere in the Cosmos:

Determining whether we are alone in the universe as technologically capable life is among the most compelling questions in science, and [our] telescopes can play a major role in answering it,

Panoseti, a proposed observatory in the prototype stage, will comprise two domes covered in half-meter lenses. It has the ability to watch a vast expanse of the sky simultaneously. This is a good way of spotting transient signals, like a distant powerful laser.

It’s exciting to track down how the upcoming project for finding intelligent alien life will be unfolding. Until then, all we can do is hope that if we encounter any alien life forms, they will not be as hostile as we’ve seen in numerous SF movies.

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