Xbox One controller is compatible with Xbox Series X

The Xbox One controller will work on the upcoming Xbox Series X console. However, Microsoft did not give other details on this subject. We know this information for more than half a year, but now have new on the mechanics used. How is the forward compatibility work between the Xbox One controller and the Xbox Series X? Let’s find out. 

The news comes from The Verge’s Tom Warren. Thanks to him, we now get to understand how this thing works. In his Tweet, he talks about the Dynamic Latency Input (DLI), which is due for 2021. The tech is related to a system that allows communication between the current Xbox One controller and the upcoming Microsoft console. If you are wondering how exactly, the answer is a firmware update.

The DLI is a new tech Microsoft uses to cut down on latency in video games.

 Microsoft DLI tech 

Once the company releases the firmware update on the current controller, it will replace the existing data sampling system. At the moment, the controller detects data sampling at an 8ms speed. However, when the DLI tech rolls out, this factor will change. 

“[DLI] now precisely keeps the controller in sync with the game for both analog and digital inputs. The most update-to-date input arrives at the console just before it’s needed by the game. The result: significantly lower controller latency.”

The advantage of the DLI tech is better battery efficiency. Considering both Xbox One and the future Xbox Series X are using AA batteries, it is a big plus. 

Sony’s PS5 camp

The PS5 does not feature backward compatibility. That means no connection between the upcoming console and the current DualShock 4 controller. However, I’m sure fans are more disappointed they won’t be able to play older games. Rumors were suggesting PS5 can emulate previous titles, even from the PS1.

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