Xbox Series X vs. The Play Station 5 – Microsoft Raises The Bar Even Higher

A new generation of gaming consoles will soon hit the shelves, and the same old console war started heating up again. However, this time there is another reason apart from die-hard fans – Microsoft stepped up and began putting a lot more pressure on Sony.

According to HenriLeChatNoir, both companies will launch their new system sometime along the holiday season, but each of them took a unique approach to pre-release strategies and advertisements.

Microsoft’s Approach

Microsoft went all-out with the Xbox Series X. They dropped renders, specifications, and a lot of additional details that captivated the attention of experts and enthusiasts from all around the globe.

Microsoft was the first to release the official specs of their upcoming console, alongside renders, future games, and other relevant information.

Sony’s Approach

Sony seems to have chosen a stealthier approach for the launch of the PS5 – They rarely presented new bits of information. The most important PS5-related event held by Sony was primarily aimed towards the game and tech developers, not the average gamer, as they chose to reveal the specs of the new system only to a bunch of specialized people.

Sony will undoubtedly hold a proper, glamorous unveiling presentation of the PS5, but it might only take place online, as the Coronavirus crisis put an end to many gaming-related gatherings.

Microsoft’s Secret Weapon

Sony is believed to work on a single next-generation system, while Microsoft is most likely developing two SKUs in tandem – One of them is the Xbox Series X, indeed, while the other probably is the Lockhart console.

The Lockhart is believed to be a less powerful machine that will also cost less than the high-performance Series X.

The big blow that Microsoft will take at Sony’s sales scheme is the price of the Lockhart system, which will not only be cheaper than the Series X but also the PS5.

Do you think this will affect the future of Play Station Consoles?

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