Yellowstone Has to Deal With a Lot of Earthquakes. What Does This Mean for Us?

It has been said that more than a hundred earthquakes struck Yellowstone in the past month. Of course, everyone is scared of a devastating eruption from the super-volcano. The chief scientist from the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, who is named Mike Poland, talked about the number of recent earthquakes at the Yellowstone during the month of June. He confirmed that there were 102 earthquakes in the area.

The seismograph stations from the University of Utah detected the earthquakes, and they are also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Yellowstone seismic network.

What will happen in case the volcano erupts?

Earthquakes are monitored at Yellowstone because of the super-volcano, which, if it erupts, might the catastrophic, and could wipe out the United States.

The volcano’s last big eruptions happened 640,000, 1.2 million and 2.1 million years ago. When it last erupted, an event that we know today as being called the Lava Creek eruption, the volcano covered about 2,900 square miles (that’s 7,500 square km) with ash and fallout. Poland tried to calm the public down.

With regard to the number of earthquakes, he stated that “That’s pretty normal for the region where we see typically about 1500 to 2500 earthquakes every year on average. So, in fact, we’re sort of on the low side of average this month.”

The largest earthquake happened on June 5th, with a magnitude of 2.8. There were about 17 earthquakes that struck between June 12th and the 15th. There were also some huge earthquakes nearby Yellowstone, and the aftershocks of a tectonic earthquake of a six magnitude in Idaho still make everyone be concerned.



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