You Can Admire a Full Worm Supermoon in all Its Glory Very Soon

Our moon has been for millennia the subject of many debates – from astronomical, astrological, and theological to pure mythical. We can be sure of at least one thing: the mere existence of the moon allows life on Earth to develop the way it did until know. Therefore, we should be thankful to nature for this cosmic object.

But the marvelous creation regarding the moon can be admired a lot more up-close, and not by necessarily getting into a rocket that can take us to our natural satellite. A full worm supermoon can be viewed on the night sky starting March 9.

Three supermoons in 2020

You can admire a significantly bigger moon on March 9 than it usually is on the night sky. However, it will be one of the three total occasions from 2020 of delighting our eyes with a much bigger image of our natural satellite. The first one will be starting this Monday, March 9, at 1:48 p.m. EDT.

NASA also has something to say about the supermoon from this Monday:

The Moon will appear full for about 3 days centered on this time, from early Sunday morning into early Wednesday morning,

Understanding why this phenomenon is happening doesn’t necessarily require any advanced knowledge and years of study. It’s simply the moon’s elliptical orbit bringing the celestial object to the closest point to Earth. Also, it has to be a full moon to qualify as a supermoon. And you also shouldn’t worry that the two cosmic objects will ever crash into each other.

The 2020 March full worm supermoon is also known as the sap moon, crust moon, crow moon, and sugar moon. Therefore, feel free to grab those binoculars or even stare at the supermoon with the naked eye. Taking a selfie with it can also be an option. Nature won’t provide us this occasion for too long.


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