You Can Now Play Games and Get Paid for it

Do you like video games? Pretty much everyone plays them nowadays, as it’s no more considered an activity exclusively for children for plenty of time. Do you also need money? We wouldn’t be able to breathe without them in our society. But why not have both?

Sony’s PlayStation is looking for people who want to make money by simply playing video games. It may sound like paradise for gamers, but it’s no joke nor exaggeration. No salary was specified yet, but expect this to change pretty soon.

The demands are pretty high

Don’t expect to earn vast amounts of money while you’re playing Fortnite or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as long as you wish. With the vacancies being available in Liverpool (UK), you’ll need to possess a good knowledge of the gaming world across several platforms and also a basic knowledge of the game development cycle. The job description says:

As a Localisation Tester, you will be making sure the audio and text in a video game are correct. You will need to have native level knowledge for the required language (grammar, spelling, and punctuation) and good attention to detail to find and provide corrections for errors. Occasionally, you will translate text for a video game or marketing

Those who apply must be fluent in either one of these languages: Portuguese, Russian or Arabic.

The most well-sold gaming console at the moment is PlayStation 2, with over 159 million units. Nintendo DS is the next with 154 million units sold, while the latest PlayStation 4 console occupies only the fourth place with 106 million units. Oddly enough, the Xbox One console is nowhere near to PS4, as Microsoft’s creation is placed on the 15th place with only 41 million units sold.

We can’t wait to see how the sales for the upcoming PlayStation 5 will go, but we can expect the console to have a significant impact worldwide.

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