Young Sheldon: We’ll Finally See Sheldon’s Life in College

After the fantastic storyline of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, creators of the show made a spin-off series centered around this character, called Young Sheldon. The 3rd season has just finished airing, and we are waiting forward to the fourth season. But will there be a fourth season? This is all we know so far.

The series has been renewed for a fourth season

CBS has confirmed that there will be a fourth season. The series has been renewed, so no worries, we will get it. However, at some point, the ratings did fall, and fans were concerned, so it is normal that they thought we would not get the next season. This has happened with The Big Bang Theory too, and it usually happens with a lot of series. Sometimes people don’t like a season, and that’s all. And the poor rating does not help a show stay in line.

So when is the release date?

We expect to see the next season with its release date in September. However, due to the new coronavirus outbreak, things might change, since the production has been shut down on many series out there. Right now, it is kind of hard to have a precise release date.

What about the plot?

George and Mary finally agreed to let Sheldon attend the East Texas University. He will probably prove to everyone that he is smart, as he did in the previous season, as well. The Big Bang Theory already showed that Sheldon managed to graduate from college at the age of 14. We will also learn, at some point, how he ended up in Caltech. But we will have to wait a long time since hearing about that.


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